As a multidisciplinary artist, my fascination for visual communication and storytelling has been a driving force throughout my life. My journey in design began with a formal education in Graphic design & Illustration at UEL, which equipped me with the technical skills and design principles necessary to succeed in the field. However, I recognise the value of taking courses outside of traditional design subjects, such as digital comics and film studies. Storytelling through visual media and an apprehension of cinematic language has greatly informed my design work.
In addition to my education, my working experience in both retail and the publishing industry has provided me with valuable insights into the business side of design. I have gained an understanding of the role that design plays in shaping a brand’s image and effectively communicating its message to its target audience.
Through these experiences and educational courses, I have developed a well-rounded approach to design that is rooted in storytelling, creativity, and business strategy. I strive to use my skills in visual communication to tell stories that are compelling, meaningful, and memorable.